City Attorney

City Attorney Services

Appointed by the City Council to serve as the city's legal advisor, the City Attorney is responsible for providing legal advice to the Mayor, City Council, and city staff; preparing legal opinions; reviewing and drafting of ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and other legal documents; enforcing violations of the Municipal Code; and defending lawsuits against the city and its officials and staff.

The City of Poway contracts with the law firm of Rutan & Tucker for City Attorney services.

The City Attorney does not provide private legal advice to citizens, and does not prosecute violations of state criminal laws (such as the Penal Code and Vehicle Code). The prosecutor for state law violations in Poway is the San Diego County District Attorney's Office for felonies, and the Criminal Division of the San Diego City Attorney's Office for misdemeanors.

If you are seeking legal representation or other legal information, please see Legal Resources.