City Council

Functions & Responsibilities

The City Council is comprised of five members elected to serve for 4-year overlapping terms. The Mayor is elected at large by the citizens of Poway; Councilmembers are elected by district (view map and see below for more information). Annually, the City Council reorganizes, selecting a Councilmember to serve as Deputy Mayor.

The City Council is accountable to the residents of Poway for all services and programs provided by the city. The City Council serves as the city’s policy-making body, taking action on all legislative matters involving the approval and adoption of all City ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and matters requiring policy decision and leadership. In reaching policy decisions, the Council listens to public testimony and reviews proposals designed to meet community needs while maintaining desired service levels.

Elections by District

On October 3, 2017, the Poway City Council adopted an ordinance establishing by-district elections for offices of council members. Members of the City Council are elected on a by-district basis to represent the district in which they reside. The office of Mayor continues to be elected at large.

View Council District Map

Council districts 1 and 3 were first elected in the November 2018 General Municipal Election and will be up for re-election every four years thereafter. Council districts 2 and 4 were elected in the November 2020 General Municipal Election and every four years thereafter. The ordinance was updated on February 1, 2022 as per California election code. California state law requires cities with by-district elections to review the voting districts following each decennial census. The next review will follow the 2030 U.S. Census.  

View the ordinance establishing council districts (PDF).


The City Council appoints the City Manager and City Attorney and establishes citizen advisory committees to ensure broad-based input into city affairs. The City Council oversees the expenditure of city funds, initiates new programs to upgrade existing services, and determines the ability of the city to provide financing for the proposed budget as submitted by the City Manager.

Current City Council

NameTitleDistrictTerm Ends
Steve VausMayorAt largeNovember 2026
Caylin FrankDeputy MayorDistrict 4November 2024
Brian PepinCouncil memberDistrict 1November 2026
Anita EdmondsonCouncilmemberDistrict 2November 2024
Peter De HoffCouncilmemberDistrict 3November 2026

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