Building Permit Process

Building Permit ProcessThe actual length of time to process your permit can vary depending on the nature of your project.

For some types of residential and small commercial projects, the city's Building Division offers a reduced timeline process (PDF) that can save significant time on building plan check and permits. These include "Over-The-Counter" permits, 1-day and 2-day permits and a 3-day Express Plan Check. See attached flier (PDF) for details.

  1. Building permit application submittal
  2. Plan review (city): 1st submittal, 10 to 12 business days
  3. Plan revisions (applicant)
  4. Plan review (city): subsequent submittals, 5 to 7 business days
  5. Building permit issuance
  6. Inspections (construction): 5 to 6 inspections (varies by project)