General Plan

City of Poway Housing & Public Safety Element Update

The City of Poway is currently in the process of updating its Housing and Public Safety Elements of the City’s General Plan.  The website for the update ( provides up-to-date information on the Housing and Public Safety Element Update process. It will provide you with information on upcoming community workshops, meetings, documents prepared for the Update, and opportunities to be involved in the process and provide feedback.

City of Poway General Plan

The City's General Plan is divided into 6 master elements: Community Development, Public Facilities, Transportation, Resources, Public Safety, and Housing. Some of these master elements are further divided: Community Development includes Land Use and Community Design; Transportation includes Roadways, Public Transit, Bikeways, and Pedestrian Facilities; Resources includes Natural Resources, and Prehistoric and Historic Resources; and Public Safety includes Emergency Services and Hazard Management.

General Plan Sections

Housing Element

The City of Poway Housing Element Update (2013 to 2020) was adopted by the Poway City Council on May 21, 2013. On June 19, 2013, the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) certified the City of Poway's Housing Element Update (2013-2020), finding it in full compliance with State housing element law. The document can be viewed from the link below:

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