Plants & Animals

Blue Sky is rich in its natural diversity of plants and animals. Besides mountain lion, deer, bobcats, quail, raptors, roadrunners, coyotes, squirrels, rabbits, and bats, we have many different kinds of reptiles and amphibians. In spring, an array of gloriously colored wildflowers bring a splash of color to the reserve.

Keep the "Wild" in Wildlife

keep the wild in the wildlife infographicFeeding animals – whether intentionally or unintentionally by not securing trash – is dangerous for animals and humans. Wildlife experts caution that when animals have access to human food their behavior changes. They become food-conditioned, and though your intent may be to help, there are serious consequences.

    Animals dependent on human food stop hunting or foraging and could starve

    Animals lose their fear of humans and become aggressive

    Animals can get sick from human food or not get the nutrients they need 

    Disrupting the food chain in wildlife disrupts the balance of their ecosystem

Please keep yourself and wildlife safe by not feeding the animals and properly disposing of trash. Wildlife is healthier when eating their natural diets. To learn more visit

Native Species

Coast Horned Lizard