Annual Training Plan

Planning and scheduling training activities can be one of the most challenging tasks for any fire department, and the Poway Fire Department is no exception. It is easy to see why - not knowing when a response will occur, facility and equipment maintenance activities, increased call volume, fire prevention inspections, community education events, administrative projects, and work details all take time and energy. However, short-term and long-term planning of training activities will minimize the impacts of these important elements of a full-service, municipal fire department.

The Annual Training Plan provides the foundation for planning and scheduling training activities for the Poway Fire Department. The Annual Training Plan is distributed during the first weeks of January and covers the entire calendar year. Company officers are responsible for completing all activities contained within the Annual Training Plan. Elements of the Annual Training Plan are:

  • Manipulative Performance
  • Minimum Company Training Hours By Category
  • Monthly Training Targets
  • Multi-Company Drills
  • Tower Schedule
  • Training Goals
  • Truck Company Subject Areas