Solar PanelsEnergy is a major topic for the USA and the world. We all have a responsibility to use energy efficiently. This has been a focal point for city operations in Poway since incorporation in 1980. Some recent examples include the following:

  • In 2008 and 2009, Poway participated in a regional program sponsored by SANDAG to evaluate energy use at key city facilities. Partnering with the California Center for Sustainable Energy, the energy demand at eight city facilities was reviewed to identify potential savings. This provided a framework for energy efficiency projects which if successfully completed could achieve a savings of over 175,000 kilowatt hours annually, and that converts to about 71 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.
  • Poway received a $212,800 federal Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy block grant in 2009, and it will partially fund energy efficiency projects.
  • There are over 2,900 low pressure sodium street lights in the City of Poway. It is the most energy efficient lighting available for the amount of light produced.
  • Traffic signals and pedestrian signals in Poway use energy efficient light emitting diodes.
  • Fire Station One Solar Panel Installation 2008A 3.8 kilowatt photovoltaic system, donated by Borrego Solar Systems, was installed on the roof of Fire Station One at Community Road in 2008 to supply some of the building's electricity demand.
  • The beautiful Poway Center for the Performing Arts continues to make strides in energy conservation with improvements to lighting, HVAC, water use, and operational innovations.
  • The design for a renovated Community Park and facility will achieve energy efficiency and many enhanced benefits for the community.
  • Redevelopment projects shine with green building designs and sustainable features. Housing like the award winning Solara have solar photovoltaic, dual-paned windows, Energy Star appliances, and California-friendly landscape.