Fleet & Transportation

In San Diego County, the largest local reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are likely to come from tighter fuel economy standards and state mandates for large-scale renewable power sources. Cars and light-duty trucks are by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the county, estimated at 46 percent of the total according to a 2008 study by the University of San Diego. County transportation infrastructure, including mass transit, is making positive development and is being coordinated to support smart-growth in the region.

Measures Taken

  • Poway encourages the use of mass transit and car pooling by providing contract bus service and several park-and-ride locations.
  • Street maintenance is a high priority for the city, and the roadways are maintained at a very high quality.
  • Traffic signals are programmed to improve traffic flow, save time, fuel, and improve air quality.
  • The city's 127 vehicle fleet is maintained by Public Works at levels that exceed the average industry standards. Low sulfur fuel is used as a "green" environmental practice and to meet Air Resources Board regulations.