Green Practices & Public Outreach

The City of Poway values "green" environmental practices in its operations.

  • The City Council considers sustainability to be an important factor in policy making and encourages sustainable practices.
  • Council and staff represent Poway on regional committees and programs that encompass sustainability issues including planning, transportation, water (potable, wastewater, storm water, and conservation), parks and recreation, solid waste, and safety services.
  • The Poway General Plan has served the city well with planned development that fosters sustainability.
  • Building codes and compliance protect the community and enhance sustainability while protecting public health and efficient use of energy and water.
  • Many services are available on-line for the public's convenience, such as registering for recreation classes, paying water bills, requesting business information, and city records and information.
  • The employee Sustainability Committee has members from each department. The Mission Statement is "to create a tradition of environmental stewardship in municipal operations and within the community. To advise city staff and decision makers on policies and practices that affect environmental sustainability in order to preserve resources for future generations."
  • The city partnered with the local governments for sustainability in 2009 to collect data about city operations to estimate its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Using 2005 as the baseline, the information will be used for future comparisons. GHG can trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Although city operations only account for a small fraction of the state's GHG, state law AB32 encourages local governments to reduce their GHG associated with city operations 15 percent by 2020 as compared to 2005.
  • City facilities and parks are maintained with a goal of excellence to provide safe, functional, energy and water efficient assets for the community.
  • Thousands of people enjoy the city's parks, trails, landscape and open space each year, and staff maintain these assets using "green" sustainable environmental practices.
  • The weekly Farmer's Market at Old Poway Park is a fun way to shop for fresh, local produce.
  • Parks, trails, and open space provide recreation opportunities and a connection to nature. Poway is home to over 3,800 acres of undeveloped park acreage (open space), 56 miles of developed trails, and 25 parks for all to enjoy.
  • Poway is a Tree City U.S.A. and values trees for their beauty, shade, cooling, erosion control, reduced irrigation evaporation, and improved air quality.
Hillary Park Playground
Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center Student Tour with Sandee Horan
Lake Poway
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