Public Works


14467 Lake Poway Road
Poway, CA 92064


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Heidemann, Eric Director of Public Works 858-668-4716  
Wiley, Will Assistant Director of Public Works for Maint Ops 858-668-4705  
DePriest, Troy Assistant Director of Public Works for Utilities 858-668-4750  
Sami, Shadi Principal Civil Engineer - Utilities 858-668-4717  
Obermiller, Michael Public Works Operations Manager 858-668-4722  
Nichols, Alisa Utilities Administrator 858-668-4703  
McIntosh, Danielle Sr. Management Analyst 858-668-4729  
Steffen, Jennafer Management Analyst 858-668-4728  
True, Michelle Management Analyst 858-668-4757  
Quijada, Frank Parks and Trails Area Manager 858-668-4721  
Omori, Ford Parks Maintenance Supervisor 858-668-4677  
Fried, Chad Interim Wastewater Utilities Supervisor 858-668-4712  
Gonzales, Jesse Construction Maintenance Supervisor - Streets 858-668-4737  
Greschke, Bryce Construction Maintenance Supervisor - Stormwater 858-668-4711  
Hoe, Lucinda Facilities and Special Districts Supervisor 858-668-4706  
Njaa, Eric Water Utilities Distribution Supervisor 858-668-4720  
Slusher, Randy Utility Systems Supervisor 858-668-4754  
Calderon, Erick Cross Connection Specialist 858-668-4744  
Miller, Alan Cross-Connection Specialist 858-668-4735  
Thompson, Kellye Contract Specialist/Inspector 858-668-4738  
Zamora, Jeff Contract Specialist/Inspector 858-668-4708  
Steffan, Joan Trails Volunteer Coordinator   858-748-6131  

Household Hazardous Waste 

12325 Crosthwaite Circle
Poway, CA 92064


9 a.m. to 3 p.m.