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1. What is a Minor Development Review Application (MDRA), and when do I need one?
2. How long does it take, and where do I get a Building Permit?
3. What are the current adopted Building Codes the city uses?
4. How does the fixed compressed work week schedule affect building inspections?
5. How do I schedule a building inspection?
6. Who can prepare plans for a Building Permit?
7. What are the fees?
8. Is any other type of special information required for a Building Permit?
9. What kinds of plans are needed for a Building Permit
10. Who is authorized to obtain a Building Permit?
11. What doesn't need a Building Permit?
12. How many sets of plans and copies of information do I need to submit?
13. When do I need a Building Permit?
14. How long is my Building Permit valid?
15. Do I need a Grading Permit?